In 2002, my brother, nephews and I traveled to Verbicaro, Italy. Verbicaro is the town where my grandparents were born. On my old website, I had posted a history of my family and a description of the town. Over the years, many people discovered my site when researching the history of their families. It’s been so long since we visited; I don’t have any current advice on how to travel to Verbicaro and what to see along the way. I’ve reposted the pictures below so that people who have ancestors from there can at least see what the town looks like.

I’ve also posted a video below of our entire trip.  I was just learning video editing and we weren’t familiar with the nuances of shooting video. So... it’s shaky and not very good. But... it has good music and a lot of heart!

I hope to travel back to Verbicaro within the next two years, and I’ll post new pictures and video then.

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Verbicaro Video

The video of our trip is below. It’s best viewed with high-speed internet access. If the video hangs up, click the pause button and wait a few minutes before clicking on the play button.