Udaipur is a very popular tourist destination among foreigners and Indians themselves.  It’s known for its lakes and Rajput-era palaces. We spent three days in Udaipur, touring the city and acclimatizing to the twelve and a half hour time difference.

Life along the road from Udaipur to Jodhpur. We had a private driver and car, and we unexpectedly found the roads throughout our trip to be very good. An interesting segment in this video is our stop at the Bullet Baba Shrine. Every day, hundreds of people stop at this shrine to pray for a safe journey. The interesting thing is that they’re praying to a deity who they believe has taken the form of a Royal Enfield Motorcycle!

One quick note about my videos... They’re high definition and are best viewed with high-speed internet access. If the video hangs up, click the pause button and wait a few minutes before clicking on the play button. I used a GoPro Hero 4 Black and a Canon T4i to take the videos.